The European Adventure that turned my Life Upside Down

Hello All!

It’s been a quick minute since i’ve had a chance to blog about my crazy adventures, but i’ve been traveling like crazy the past month.

I have got to say that my perspective and outlook on life and being an American has changed drastically since my recent trip to Europe.

Let me explain why, in a few easy bullet points.

1. Water is actually free here and decent tasting from tap in America

2. You don’t have to pay for a bathroom if you really need to go

3. Everything is cheaper in America. Better than paying in pounds or euros

4. You don’t have to walk your life away to get to places where you need to go

5. Better sized portions of coffee than Europe. Everything is an expresso out there.

What Europe does better:

1. Food. My goodness, food out there is pretty amazing

2. Beer in Germany has made me never want to have beer anywhere else

3. Wine in Italy was pretty awesome

4. More history, more wonders in the world are located in Europe


There are plenty more reasons, but this is just a brief overview. I really loved the fact that i didn’t have a phone for the month because it really showed me how much we use it on a day to day basis. It also consumes great friendships by being a presence at the lunch table or in the middle of conversations. I honestly enjoyed stepping away from that lifestyle for a few weeks and not having to hear about the billion people on social media doing the #alsicebucketchallenge without knowing the purpose of it or things of that sort.


I am definitely more appreciative of where I live and the things i have. This is one of the many reasons I love traveling. More posts to come about my trip soon! Let me know in the comments if i missed anything!


About lilmagic21

I am a young professional looking to make her 20's something that has taken full advantage of the adventures life has to offer. I love travel, sports, marketing, movies, books and anything that makes life more adventurous.
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